Top Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Athens, Greece

There are many luxury five star hotel options in Athens, the capital and largest city in Greece. Many of these hotels are situated near popular tourist attractions and offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. Relax or take advantage of the local attractions and activities during your stay. The following list of hotel recommendations are based on location, amenities, and online reviews:

Hotel Grande Bretagne, A Luxury Collection Hotel
Address: 1 Vasileos Georgiou A? Street, Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece, 10564
Phone: +30 21 0333 0000
King George A Luxury Collection Hotel
Address: 3 Vasileos Georgiou A’ Street, Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece, 10564
Phone: +30 21 0322 2210
Theoxenia Palace Hotel
Address: 2 Filadelfeos Street, Kifisia, Athens, Greece, 14562
Phone: +30 21 0623 3622
Electra Palace Hotel Athens
Address: 18-20 Nikodimou Street, Athens, Greece, 10557
Phone: +30 21 0337 8000
InterContinental Athenaeum
Address: 89-93 Syngrou Avenue, Athens, Greece, 11745
Phone: +30-210-9206000
Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens
Address: 10 Alexandras Avenue, Athens, Greece, 10682
Phone: +30 210 8894 500
Hilton Athens
Address: 46 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens, Greece, 11528
Phone: +30-210-7281000
Address: 48 Charilaou Trikoupi Street, Athens, Greece, 14562
Phone: +39 04 1862 0400
Athens Ledra Hotel
Address: 115 Syngrou Avenue, Athens, Greece, 11745
Phone: +30 21 0930 0000
NJV Athens Plaza
Address: 2 Leof. Vasileos Georgiou, Athens, Greece, 10564
Phone: +30 21 0335 2400

Top Attractions in Athens, Greece

The island of Athens is one of the top travel destinations within Greece but also provides it?s own popular tourist areas within the island as well. The following list are the top tourist destinations within Athens, based on Jet Charter Greece clientele, luxury hotel options, and online reviews:

The Acropolis Museum
Address: 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou, Athens, Greece, 11742
Phone: +30 21 0900 0900
Temple of Hephaestus
Address: Agoraios Kolonos Hill, Ancient Agora of Athens, Athens, Greece
This well-preserved Greek temple is one of the most complete structures in Greece that haven’t been destroyed or turned to ruin. For over 1000 years, it served as the Greek Orthodox church of St. George Akamates.
Address: Acropolis, 10558 Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0321 4172
On the north side of the Acropolis is the Erectheion, a temple in ruins that was once used as a place for worship. It was dedicated to the Greek Gods, Poseidon and Athena.
Museum of Cycladic Art
Address: 4 Neophytos Doukas, Athens, Greece, 10674
Phone: (+30) 210 7228321-3
Address: Acropolis, Top of Dionyssiou Areopagitou, 10558 Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0321 4172
As if created to house the larger than life Greek Gods, the Parthenon stands at 13.72 m high. It is mostly preserved, with some parts in ruin, and was dedicated to Goddess Athena.
Acropolis (Akropolis)
Address: Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, 10558 Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0923 8175
National Archaeological Museum (Ethniko Archaiologiko Museo)
Address: 28is Oktovriou 44, Athens, Greece, 10682
Phone: +30 21 3214 4890
Byzantine Museum (Vizantino Museo)
Address: 22 Vasileos Sofias Avenue, Athens, Greece, 10675
Phone: (+30) 213 213 9500
Odeum of Herodes Atticus (Odeion / Irodion)
Address: Odos Dionissiou Areopayitou, Athens, Greece
The Odeum of Herodes Atticus once served as a stone amphitheatre. It was built over 2000 years ago, and is still in very good condition for such an ancient structure.
Benaki Museum
Address: 1 Koumpari, Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0367 1000